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The next chapters in urban teacher preparation

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University Chapters

UNITE university chapters are the first step in UNITE’s urban teacher preparation model. College students who join a UNITE university chapter (on-campus student organization) have the opportunity to gain invaluable experience through UNITE’s programming and action steps for pre-service teachers.

Student members of UNITE university chapters form the core of the UNITE network. University chapters focus on providing interactive and positive urban education experiences to pre-service teachers at the collegiate level. Members of UNITE university chapters engage in a three tiered model of action: experience in urban classrooms, urban communities, and catered professional development on their college campus. UNITE university chapters are forming at colleges and schools of education across the nation under the leadership of ambitious and dedicated students.

“Student Initiated and Student Driven”

70% of UNITE university chapter members who graduated between 2008-2010 and continued on with UNITE’s programming are still teaching in high needs schools across the country!

UNITE University Chapters

UNITE currently has five university chapters. Click on each university for more information about that chapter.

Illinois State University

Indiana University

University of Illinois

Purdue University

Loyola University Maryland

UNITE members clock countless hours of firsthand urban classroom experience.

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