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The next chapters in urban teacher preparation

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Mission and Vision

UNITE Mission Statement

UNITE focuses on enhancing the preparation of future teachers with knowledge, skills, and experiences to promote success upon immediate arrival in a K-12 classroom throughout our nation’s most underprivileged and underrepresented schools in effort to strive towards lowering the national attrition rate.

UNITE Vision Statement

UNITE hopes to create operational chapters at several universities across the United States, which will prepare future educators to be effective practitioners in schools in America’s large urban centers. UNITE also hopes to create an urban teacher network through which UNITE members and alumni will be able to exchange communications and support one another.

Five Principles of a UNITE Teacher

A UNITE teacher…

I. Believes that all students regardless of race, ethnicity, or social-economic background, can achieve high academic standards and success upon high school graduation.

II. Empowers students to discover their potential and become leaders in their community by igniting curiosity and independent learning.

III. Sees each student's family and community as an asset, realizing that a school is only as strong as its parents and community.

IV. Exudes passion and dedication to urban teaching and urban teacher preparation.

V. Believes that a key component to solving the educational inequalities in urban schools and communities is with prepared and dedicated urban teachers who stay in the classroom well beyond the national attrition rate.

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