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The Insider’s Guide to Winning Education Grants

UNITE is proud to announce the release of The Insider’s Guide to Winning Education Grants written by UNITE Founder Dakota Pawlicki and Board Member Chase James! This book, sponsored by UNITE, features examples of funded grants from several UNITE members teaching in urban schools across the country. It also includes templates and worksheets from UNITE’s recognized grant writing workshop series!

Purchase a copy of the Insider’s Guide to Winning Education Grants:

Hold a Grant Writing Workshop for your school or district!

Hear from the authors themselves! Host a UNITE Grant Writing Workshop at your school and learn more trips and tricks from Dakota Pawlicki and Chase James. Whether your staff is just starting to think about securing extra funding for your school or if you have an upcoming grant deadline, the UNITE Grant Writing Workshop can help your staff develop and hone the essential skills to search, write, and win grants! Using strategies and practices from the book, Insider’s Guide to Winning Education Grants, the authors will guide and advise your staff or grant writing team to become experts on winning education grants!

Choose from two workshop options to meet the needs of your staff!

Option A: Grant Writing for Beginners

The authors will discuss all the tips and strategies discussed in this book during a three-hour workshop. New practice worksheets and example grant proposals will be shared and reviewed. Participants will leave with the basic skills to write their own small to medium level classroom grant! This workshop can accommodate up to seventy-five participants and is great for a whole school staff or grade level professional development!

Option B: Advanced Grant Writing

In this six-hour workshop, participants will work collaboratively with the authors to delve into a more advanced RFP. The authors will discuss how to set up research-based evaluations of the project, allocate funding throughout a multi-year proposal, and analyze a complex state or federal grant application. The host school or staff can have a target RFP to discuss, or the authors can use example advanced RFPs to review and reference. Due to the nature of this workshop, grant writing teams are encouraged to attend and participate together.

Please email UNITE at to schedule a grant writing workshop for your school, district, or organization.

If neither of these options work for your staff, UNITE would be happy to custom create a workshop for your school.

Meet the Authors

Dakota Pawkicki is the founder of UNITE. The co-author of a multi-million dollar federal Teacher Quality Partnership grant received in 2009, he works in urban teacher preparation for Illinois State University.

Chase James, UNITE board member and Assistant Principal at Barton Elementary School in Chicago, has experience writing and editing grant proposals ranging from small classroom projects to multi-million dollar programs for schools and nonprofits.

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