The next chapters in urban teacher preparation

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ECOLAB Foundation, commits to support UNITE’s GET SCIENCE! program in Chicago! ECOLAB’s community involvement grants are offered to non profit and community organizations who help youth “excel in school, engage in communities and develop leadership and life skills.”

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A new model of urban teacher preparation

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UNITE is a non profit organization founded and led by urban teachers. Our urban teacher preparation model prepares future urban teachers to overcome the challenges of high needs schools and stay committed to the teaching profession.

Watch UNITE’s own Greg Fairbank speak at the TEDx event in Chicago, IL, about why teachers leave the teaching profession and what can be done to combat the alarming statistics.

UNITE is proud to announce the release of The Insider’s Guide to Winning Education Grants written by UNITE Founder Dakota Pawlicki and Board Member Chase James! The book features templates and examples to get you started writing your own classroom grants! Order your copy today!

UNITE Classroom Grant RFP

Congratulations to Othon Caballero, teacher at Irma Ruiz Elementary, and Alma Govea, student teacher at Franklin Fine Arts Elementary on their winning proposals! Check back at the end of the month to see the outcomes of their classroom projects funded by the UNITE Classroom Grant! 

Learn more about UNITE’s exciting partnership with The Center for Innovation in Urban Education housed at Loyola University Maryland! The CIUE and the UNITE chapter at Loyola are collaborating to bring about a new mindset around urban education in Baltimore!

86% and growing....!!!!

As of August 15th, 86% of UNITE members who participated in UNITE’s Urban Student Teaching programming last school year or who are currently involved in UNITE’s First Summer Program have been offered full time teaching jobs at high needs schools for the 2014-2015 academic year! Stay tuned for more updates!

Project 43 2015

UNITE’s annual chapter

fundraiser will take place

this February.  Register

and donate today to

support all chapters

that are participating in

this 43 hour event on the

CPS dropout rate!