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The next chapters in urban teacher preparation

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92% of our teachers who completed the First Summer program were offered a teaching position in a high needs school.

First Summer

UNITE has designed comprehensive programming for graduates of our Urban Student Teaching program. Many teacher candidates finish student teaching, begin the job hunt with little support, and then wait months before reentering a classroom. UNITE teachers take advantage of this First Summer and expand upon their skills and the strategies learned during their student teaching when they participate in UNITE’s six week First Summer program as an NCE!

As the third stage in UNITE’s urban teacher preparation model, the First Summer program gives recent college graduates an opportunity to be a lead teacher in a high needs classroom while being coached and mentored by veteran teachers. NCEs create and teach a summer curriculum and are the lead teacher in a summer school classroom. Veteran teachers coach, mentor, and help these new teachers throughout the summer as the First Summer teachers prepare for their future classroom.

UNITE staff members work with each NCE to identify potential teacher position openings in urban classrooms and network with school leaders to set up interviews and observations. 92% of our teachers who completed the First Summer program were offered a teaching position in a high needs school.

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First Summer
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After teaching with UNITE at the GET SCIENCE! summer program, Kayla Bell was hired at Lionel Hampton Elementary School in Chicago! Kayla is grateful for her experience with UNITE and plans to stay teaching in an urban school!

Want a story like Kayla’s? Apply to be a part of UNITE’s First Summer!

NCE’s teach at UNITE’s GET SCIENCE! program, which is the flagship component of UNITE’s First Summer. GET SCIENCE! offers underprivileged female elementary students the chance to experience a rigorous, inquiry-based summer science camp!

NCE = Newley Certified Educator

Meet Kayla Bell, NCE 2013